The Arepa Place

Cheese Empanadas
Potato & Eggplant Empanada
Verde Salsa
The Arepa Place Verde Salsa
Sale price$6.00
Cheese Arepas
The Arepa Place Cheese Arepas
Sale price$11.00
Salsa Roja
The Arepa Place Salsa Roja
Sale price$6.00
Chicken Empanadas
Traditional Colombian Arepas
Beef Empanadas
Blanca Salsa
The Arepa Place Blanca Salsa
Sale price$6.00
Aji Colombiano Salsa
Coffee Delights
Juan Valdez Instant Coffee
White Cranberry Beans
Chocolate Corona
Plantain Chips
Refried Beans (Vegan)
Juan Valdez Coffee
Barrilete candy
Obleas Cookies
The Arepa Place Pandebono
Sale price$1.99
The Arepa Place Panela
Sale price$2.50
Ducal Refried Red Beans
Cornstarch Custard (Natilla)
The Arepa Place Buñuelos
Sale price$2.00
Luker Traditional Chocolate
Yellow Potatoes
Crema Centroamerican
South American Cheese Sticks
Fried Sweet Plantains
Morcilla Colombiano
Chorizo Tipico Colombiano
Inca Peruvian Soda
Goya Crema de Coco / Cream of Coconut
P.A.N. Corn Mixes
The Arepa Place P.A.N. Corn Mixes
Sale priceFrom $3.80
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Goya Green Plantain Pieces
Goya Taquitos

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