Gift Set: Health and Wellness


Gluten Free Vegan
Sale price$49.50


This selection of 12 of our top herbal and wellness blend includes:

*Throat Relief Herbal

*Serene Relaxing Herbal Blend

*Lavender Organic Herbal

Tulsi Holy Basil Herbal

*Detox Herbal Blend


*Chamomile & Lemongrass Herbal Blend

Wellness Blend 

Bali Breeze Herbal

Vitality Organic Herbal

*Spearmint Organic Herbal

Tranquility Blend

This set comes in an attractive lidded gift box with brewing instructions and information about each tea.  Box measures 11.25" x 7.75" x 1.5"

*CK Kosher certification. 

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