Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz


Locally Grown/Made
Sale price$11.99


Eliminate germs and bacteria with our quick-drying hand sanitizer. Our alcohol-based solution exceeds the CDC recommendation of 60% alcohol level. We deliver a 70% alcohol content level. Select from unscented or lavender and tea tree oil. Please note this product will sting on open cuts. Supervise any children using hand sanitizer.

For external use only. Do not store in hot vehicles. Do not swallow. Stop using if skin irritation occurs.


Ingredients: 95% Ethanol, 100% Natural Distilled Aloe Vera, 100% Natural Distilled Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, and Vitamin E Oil. 


Options for Scent: Unscented or Lavender/Tea Tree Essential Oil.

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