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I am Black Shuck, and I haunt the graveyard of English Prime Minister Earl Grey. I am the bloodthirsty beast that dwells in the shadows. I am a legendary hell hound, and I’m ready to pounce.

Most Earl Greys use perfumed flavor extracts to mask the boring, bitter taste of their cheap tea leaves. These teas may bash you in the face with flavor, but it’s the flavor of chemicals—not of high-quality tea leaves and all-natural ingredients. Wendigo Black Shuck Earl Grey is a beast of a different nature. 

Black Shuck is a complex tea characterized by notes of warm autumn spices, earth, and invigorating citrus. Natural bergamot orange zest adds that signature Earl Grey taste to a delicate Indian black tea base. This tea’s classic flavor and haunting aftertaste will leave you looking off into the distance wondering, "Is that the Shuck?" 
Yes it is. 

Ingredients: Giddapahar Clonal Tea base, Aroma King Indian Bergamot Lemon Juliennes and Naturally-Extracted Bergamot Oil

Suggested Brewing

step 1. Heat water to a boil.

step 2. Use 1 heaping teaspoon of Black Shuck leaves per 8 ounces of water.

step 3. Pour water over tea leaves and let steep for 2-3 minutes.  

step 4. Immediately strain leaves from liquid.

step 5. Enjoy your Black Shuck…if you dare.

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