Lenten Specials

Square Fish
Grayson's Square Fish
Sale price$9.99
Potato Bun
Blue Oven Bakery Potato Bun
Sale priceFrom $2.00
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Madison's Dill
Sale price$1.65
Frisch's Tartar Sauce
French Fry Varieties
Grayson's French Fry Varieties
Sale priceFrom $7.99
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Yellow Fin Tuna
Riverence Red Ruby Trout - 1 Fillet
Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon
Tilapia Fillets
Fresh Canadian Halibut
Homemade Tuna Salad
Grayson's Homemade Tuna Salad
Sale priceFrom $5.50
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Vegan Tu-no Salad
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Vegan Beyond Burger
Veggie Breakfast Patties
Black Bean Burgers
Grayson's Black Bean Burgers
Sale price$9.99
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Black Bean Burger
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Sourdough Buns
Em's Bread Sourdough Buns
Sale priceFrom $1.00
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Jumbo Shrimp
Breezy Acres Farm Eggs - 1 dozen
Dale Filbrun Farms Certified Organic Large Eggs
Spring Meadow Farms Eggs - 1 dozen
Bulk Mushrooms
Madison's Bulk Mushrooms
Sale priceFrom $4.50
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Cremini Mushroom
Broccoli - 1 lb
Madison's Broccoli - 1 lb
Sale price$3.45
Carrots Jumbo
Roth Produce Carrots Jumbo
Sale price$2.00
Baby Carrots 16oz Bag
Yams 1lb
Roth Produce Yams 1lb
Sale price$1.00
Baker's Potato
Madison's Baker's Potato
Sale price$1.25
Baking Potato
Roth Produce Baking Potato
Sale price$1.25
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Madison's D’Anjou pear
Sale price$3.15
Sweet Calif. Orange Seedless
Madison's Oranges
Sale price$1.05
Roth Produce Bananas
Sale price$1.25
Madison's Bananas
Sale price$1.25
Roth Produce Grapefruit
Sale price$4.00
Madison's Grapefruit
Sale price$1.65
Bag of Red Apples
Bulk Rice Varieties
Madison's Bulk Rice Varieties
Sale priceFrom $1.25
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Bulk Organic Quinoa
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Bulk Lentils and Split Peas
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Country French

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