Grind: Whole Bean
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CUP - Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cashew, Green Apple

DESCRIPTORS - Balanced, smooth, rich

ORIGINS - Mexico & East Timor

PROCESS - Washed

VARIETY - Caturra, Timor Hybrid

ELEVATION - 1600-1700 MASL


Our house blend is one of our foundational and staple coffee blends. The blend is composed of communal lots from Mexico and East Timor. These lots are available virtually year round and provide a consistent classic flavor profile, no matter the brew method. This is one of the filter coffees that is served every day in our cafes. We love how this blend combines a sweet chocolatey, nutty base with a slight green apple acidity. It’s a comfortable coffee that’s balanced, smooth and rich. This staple is also versatile, and performs well by itself, or serves as a great base for a plant or dairy based beverage. This blend is composed of 100% organic coffees.

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