Holiday Gifts from Findlay

60% Dark Milk Chocolate
Bully Stick
Pet Wants Bully Stick
Sale priceFrom $2.00
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Findlay Market Cookbook
Blueberry with Bourbon and Honey Jam
Mexican Wedding Cookie Balls
Peppermint Black Tea
Rhined Candied Pecans
Unsinger's Uncured Summer Sausage
Pig Ear
Pet Wants Pig Ear
Sale price$2.50
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mt. Kofinas Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sale priceFrom $14.00
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Deeper Roots Cabin Fever
Sale price$16.00
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Cincinnati Royal Orange Soda
Mint Dark Chocolate
Orange Milk Chocolate
Tin of Salted Cashews, 30oz
Nuts in Honey
House Blend
Urbana Cafe House Blend
Sale price$15.00
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