Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Locally Raised Ohio Beef
La Armonia Hermosa
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Riverence Red Ruby Trout
Blueberry with Bourbon and Honey Jam
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Deeper Roots Community Blend
Sale price$14.25
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Shagbark Chips and Crackers
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Broadbent's Applewood Bacon
Weisenberger Unbleached All Purpose Flour
Dark Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mt. Kofinas Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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The Rhined Nettle
Sale price$10.00
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Petite Vase
Gia & the Blooms Petite Vase
Sale price$65.00
Beeswax Candles
Bee Haven Beeswax Candles
Sale priceFrom $2.50
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Creamed Honey 8 oz
Bee Haven Creamed Honey 8 oz
Sale price$8.50
Now Designs Swedish Dish Cloths
GIR Silicone Lids 4" Two-Pack
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Artichoke Avocado Huggers
Sale price$13.99
Food Huggers
Artichoke Food Huggers
Sale price$16.99
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Sen by Kiki Salmon
Sale price$26.50
Glass File + Case
Spruce Glass File + Case
Sale price$20.00
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Artichoke GIR Baking Mat Silicone
Sale priceFrom $9.99
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Trudeau Decorating Set 7 pc
Shagbark Organic Popcorn

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