Dried Fruits, Nuts, & Seeds

Dried Figs
The Rhined Dried Figs
Sale price$10.00
Dried Apricots
The Rhined Dried Apricots
Sale price$6.00
Rhined Lavender Marcona Almonds
Rhined Candied Pecans
White Sesame Seeds
Madison's White Sesame Seeds
Sale price$6.83
Organic Chia Seeds
Madison's Organic Chia Seeds
Sale price$6.67
Hemp Seeds Hulled
Madison's Hemp Seeds Hulled
Sale price$18.89
Pine Nuts
Madison's Pine Nuts
Sale price$14.96
Macadamia Nuts
Madison's Macadamia Nuts
Sale price$14.40
Bulk Walnuts
Madison's Bulk Walnuts
Sale price$8.40
Bulk Sunflower Seeds
Madison's Bulk Sunflower Seeds
Sale priceFrom $3.35
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Bulk Pumpkin Seeds
Madison's Bulk Pumpkin Seeds
Sale priceFrom $9.90
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Bulk Pistachios
Madison's Bulk Pistachios
Sale priceFrom $14.20
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Bulk Pecan Halves
Madison's Bulk Pecan Halves
Sale price$8.35
Bulk Peanuts
Roth Produce Bulk Peanuts
Sale price$3.00
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Bulk Hazelnuts
Madison's Bulk Hazelnuts
Sale price$10.30
Bulk Cashews - 1/2 lb
Madison's Bulk Cashews - 1/2 lb
Sale priceFrom $4.65
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Bulk Almonds
Madison's Bulk Almonds
Sale priceFrom $13.76
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Wasabi Peas
Madison's Wasabi Peas
Sale price$4.08
Sesame Sticks
Madison's Sesame Sticks
Sale price$4.19
Medjool Dates
Jumbo Turkish Apricots, 8oz
Large Organic Turkish Figs
Tin of Salted Cashews, 30oz
Milk Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Pitted Nour Dates
Dean's Mediterranean Imports Pecans
Sale priceFrom $3.00
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Organic Turkish Figs
Mango - Natural
Black Raisins
Goji Berries
Banana Chips
Turkish Apricots - Natural
Pineapple Rings
Dried Spicy Mango
Sour Cherries
Crystalized Ginger
Amarena Cherries 4-6 oz.
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