Prokeeper+ Baker's Storage Set, 9pc


Sale price$74.99


ProKeeper+ Baker's Storage Set is perfect for any pantry - novice baker or professional. The 9-piece set includes ProKeeper+ containers for flour, sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar, as well as the mini container. All the canisters are designed with an airtight silicone seal, with measurement markings, and include unique and convenient accessories to maximize use and efficiency in the kitchen including: -Flour keeper is designed with a leveler to level off your measured cups, that magnets to the lid of the container! -Sugar keeper has a spout to pour. -Brown Sugar is designed with a terracotta stone in the lid to keep your brown sugar from hardening. -Powdered Sugar comes with a duster tool that magnets to the lid of the container. -Mini container has a shaker top for the inside, perfect for sprinkles, cinnamon sugar or whatever else you'd like to put in it!

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