Peugeot Heart Dish - 9.75" x 10.25"


Sale price$39.99


Looking for a fun, original way of telling someone you love them? Say it from the heart. Bake a generous heart-shaped cake in this ceramic oven dish with its intense red finish, which symbolizes passion and love. Peugeot's ceramic design guarantees evenly cooked and succulent meals, as well as easy cleaning and unmolding. 100% French-made - Warranty: 10 years Can be taken straight from the freezer to a preheated oven without any risk of a thermal shock Highly resistant porcelain enamel for quick cleaning, long-lasting colour and sparkle, and scratch resistance Suitable in ovens (250°C/480°F), microwaves, freezers (-20°C/0°F) and dishwashers Capacity: 1.7 L / 3 pints - Serves four to six people

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