Grind: Whole Bean
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CUP - Orange, Caramel, Cherry DESCRIPTORS - Sweet, clean, crisp ORIGINS - Peru PROCESS - Decaf VARIETY - Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache ELEVATION - 1400 MASL Our current decaf offering is from the Cautivo Cooperative in northern Peru. The members of the co-op strive to improve the standard of living for all involved. They promote water management, environmental protection, and the production of organic fertilizers. The lot is decaffeinated through a process called mountain water process. This process does not include any added chemicals to decaffeinate the coffee. Rather, cold water and special filters allow 99% of the caffeine to be removed from the coffee. This process also maintains the integrity of the green coffee and provides a clean, complex profile. This communal lot is sweet, clean, and crisp with notes of milk chocolate, lemon and orange. The coffee can be enjoyed black or with a plant or dairy-based beverage and performs well on every brew method. This lot is certified 100% organic.

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