Limited Edition Gift Set: Our Blends, Our Stories


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Mothers work hard to provide comfort and light to their families. They provide the warmth of a mother’s embrace, the guidance of a mother’s wisdom, the self-sacrifice and kindness of a mother’s tender heart, day in and day out. That is where we learn love, forgiveness, and strength.

This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate all that mothers poured out to us, by presenting you a very special LIMITED EDITION gift set that was born out of our hearts to honor mothers. The unique gift package "Gift Set: Our Blends, Our Stories" includes three new Artisan Blends created by our talented team, each with a unique story behind. As you taste these new blends, you will also read the stories about how these teas are born out of the hearts of our team members to honor their mothers and why they chose those ingredients for their blends. This new gift set also comes with a set of beautiful handmade beeswax candles of a teapot and cup designed by our friends at Bee Haven. The package comes wrapped up in beautiful spring packaging and includes a decorative flower.  

The new artisan Blends are only available for sale through this gift set.

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