Happy Goat Ethiopia Blend


Grind: Whole Bean
Sale price$19.00


CUP - Tropical, Star Fruit, Floral, and Spicy DESCRIPTORS - Floral, juicy, complex ORIGINS - Ethiopia PROCESS - Natural VARIETY - Ethiopia Heirloom ELEVATION - 2100-2350 MASL Happy Goat was created to focus soley on offerings from the mother land of coffee - Ethiopia. Our first iteration of Happy Goat is one of our all time favorite lots. Laayyoo is a naturally process lot that can be traced to the Guji region of Ethiopia. The lot gets its name from an indigenous tree that grows in the area, which is used for producing shade-grown coffee and work beautifully as a natural fertilizer. The farm sits at an elevation between 2100 and 2350 MASL. The coffee was processed by Sookoo Coffee, which is run by Ture Waji, whose nickname is “The King of Guji.” Ture grew up in the region and has strong connections to the land and the community surrounding it. This is our second year buying this microlot, and it continues to impress us! The naturally processed lot provides medium, juicy body and boasts flavors of blueberry, jasmine, and honeysuckle. It’s best enjoyed black and performs best as drip, Aeropress, or French press.

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