Angostura Orange Bitters, 4oz.


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ANGOSTURA Orange Cocktail Bitters is known as the essential ingredient in some of the world’s most famous and best loved cocktails. ANGOSTURA brings depth and unparalleled flavor to cocktails mocktails and culinary innovations. Made from premium high quality ingredients including citrus oils from tropical oranges and an array of unique local herbs and spices ANGOSTURA orange bitters is versatile bitters that provides a bold flavor boost. Made with its own secret recipe our orange bitters are a flavorful and essential addition to any cocktail bitters set. Use bitters for cocktails like a Martini Old Fashioned or Negroni; in place of orange extract in baked goods or in main dishes for a splash of citrus flavor. ANGOSTURA bitters elevate classic and modern cocktails with a superior flavor profile.

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