Taco Night

Roth Produce Avocados
Sale price$2.25
Bell Pepper Varieties
Roth Produce Bell Pepper Varieties
Sale priceFrom $2.25
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Roth Produce Limes
Sale price$1.00
Iceberg Lettuce
Roth Produce Iceberg Lettuce
Sale price$4.00
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Madison's Sour Cream
Sale price$2.50
Shagbark Chips and Crackers
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Basil (Sweet Calif.) Cut & Sifted
Guacamole Mix
Colonel De's Guacamole Mix
Sale price$3.60
Taco Seasoning
Colonel De's Taco Seasoning
Sale priceFrom $3.20
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Salsa Roja
The Arepa Place Salsa Roja
Sale price$6.00
Jumbo Shrimp
Flank Steak
Flat Iron
Eckerlin Meats Flat Iron
Sale price$26.00
Flank Steak
Eckerlin Meats Flank Steak
Sale price$35.00
Southwest Fajita Seasoning
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Mama Lo Hizo Family Taco Fiesta
Sale priceFrom $27.95
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Goya Green Plantain Pieces
Plantain Chips
Fried Sweet Plantains
Roth Produce Cilantro
Sale price$2.50
Cumin Seed, Powder
Bulk Fresh Mexican Chorizo
Verde Salsa
The Arepa Place Verde Salsa
Sale price$6.00
Queso Fresco
Gibbs Cheese Queso Fresco
Sale price$4.85
Sweet Potato Curry

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