Stocking Stuffers

60% Dark Milk Chocolate
65% Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar
Prohibition Dark Milk Chocolate
Amaretti Cookies
70% Belize Dark Chocolate
Lemon Lavender White Chocolate
White Chocolate with Cocao Nibs
Dark Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs
80% Tanzania Dark Chocolate
Crystalized Ginger
Hen of the Woods Milk Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
Turkish Delights - Imported
Crystalized Ginger
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Artichoke Avocado Huggers
Sale price$13.99
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Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
South American Cheese Sticks
Glass File + Case
Spruce Glass File + Case
Sale price$20.00
Travel Kit
Spruce Travel Kit
Sale price$40.00
Sugar Scrub
Spruce Sugar Scrub
Sale price$29.00
Hand Lotion
Spruce Hand Lotion
Sale price$29.00
Travel Hand Lotion
Spruce Travel Hand Lotion
Sale price$10.00
Cuticle Serum
Spruce Cuticle Serum
Sale price$29.00
Cuticle Serum Travel Roller

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