Premade Sides

Blue Oven Bakery Focaccia
Sale priceFrom $7.50
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Rhined Mini
The Rhined Rhined Mini
Sale price$31.00
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Em's Bread Dinner Rolls
Sale price$6.00
Curried Couscous Salad
Olive Garlic Cheese
Baked Sea Salt Crackers
Cinnamon Rolls
Em's Bread Cinnamon Rolls
Sale price$7.00
Jalapeño Cheese Bread
The Rhined Crudites
Sale price$65.00
Banana Pepper
Em's Bread Banana Pepper
Sale price$8.00
Five Way Veggie Mix
Small Cheese & Meat Board
Small Cheese Board
The Rhined Small Cheese Board
Sale price$88.00
Cheesy Mac & Cheese
Fruit Tray
The Rhined Fruit Tray
Sale price$45.00
Large Cheese and Meat Board
Large Cheese Board
The Rhined Large Cheese Board
Sale price$170.00
Medium Cheese & Meat Board
Medium Cheese Board
The Rhined Medium Cheese Board
Sale price$139.00
Meat Tray
Grayson's Meat Tray
Sale priceFrom $42.00
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