Easter Feasts

Dale Filbrun Farms Certified Organic Large Eggs
Soft Pretzel
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Medium Sweet Potatoes
Carrots Jumbo
Roth Produce Carrots Jumbo
Sale price$2.00
Yukon Gold
Roth Produce Yukon Gold
Sale price$2.00
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
Lamb Rack (28oz)
Red B Potato
Madison's Red B Potato
Sale price$1.90
Sky Haven Smoked Ham
Grayson's Sky Haven Smoked Ham
Sale priceFrom $6.99
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Marburger Dairy Buttermilk
Stuffed Pork Chops (1 lb)
Lamb Chops (5oz)
Weisenberger Unbleached All Purpose Flour
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Roth Produce Eggplant
Sale price$4.00
Madison's Parsnips
Sale price$3.20
Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream
Turkey Chop (~1.75lbs)
Snowville Creamery Yogurts
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Fleischmann's RapidRise Instant Yeast
Flours by Sixteen Bricks
Lamb Chop (~1.25lbs)
Lamb Chops
Country Meat Co Lamb Chops
Sale price$29.97
VioLife Plant Butter
Cooking Twine
Artichoke Cooking Twine
Sale price$3.99
Leg of Lamb
Country Meat Co Leg of Lamb
Sale price$109.89
Lamb Lollipops
Spring Fling Box
The Rhined Spring Fling Box
Sale price$85.00
Dearborn Classic Ham Steak
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Mt. Kofinas Butter Infused Olive Oil
Sale priceFrom $16.00
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Colonel De's Sugars
Sale priceFrom $1.40
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Cocoa Powder 24% Cocoa Butter
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Pork Shoulder
Eckerlin Meats Pork Shoulder
Sale price$4.19
Crown Roast
Eckerlin Meats Crown Roast
Sale price$89.88
Yellow Potatoes

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