Mango Lemonade Adaptogenic Soda - 16oz/Single can


Locally Grown/Made
Sale price$4.50


Nati Pop is a functional soda brand under the Kombuchinnati Brewing Company umbrella. Nati Pop is not kombucha but soda, tea, and energy drinks.

Studies show that adaptogens lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body, improving your overall mood while minimizing irritability without any psychoactive effects. The Pineapple Lychee is packed with 500mgs of Ashwagandha (adaptogens), 500mgs of Gudichi (immunity boosting supplement), 500 mg of Vitamin C, half of your daily intake of vitamin C, and 100 mgs of Magnesium which is also half of your daily intake. The Mango Lemonade gives you a refreshing boost of  Vitamin C with tropical fragrant mango notes and a tangy finish.   It is handcrafted with zero artificial sweeteners or artificial coloring. 

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