Size: 1 Count
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Frozen vegetarian black bean burger with vegetable medley.

Ingredients: Water, onions, cooked black beans, cooked brown rice, corn, soy protein concentrate, tomatoes, wheat gluten, onion powder, vegetable oil (corn, canola and/or sunflower oil), green chiles, soy protein isolate, bulgur wheat, cornstarch

Contains 2% or less of Green peppers, red bell peppers, spices, tomato powder, cilantro, tomato juice, salt, chipotle peppers, Methycellulose, cooked onion and carrot juice concentrate, Jalapeno pepper, carrageenan, garlic powder, natural flavor, Paprika, Soy sauce powder, Gum Arabic, vinegar, citric acid, red pepper, green pepper juice, turmeric, garlic juice, lime juice.

Contains Soy and Wheat Ingredients 

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