Bee's Wrap 3 Pack S,M,L Sizes


Title: Honeycomb
Sale price$19.99


Bestselling Assorted 3 Pack features a small, medium and large wrap perfect for keeping food fresh, covering leftovers, and packing snacks - all without plastic! Use the warmth of your hands to shape Bee's Wrap around food, creating a protective, breathable seal. Use & Care: Hand-wash in cool water with mild dish soap, then air dry. Avoid exposure to heat and hot water to keep your Bee's Wrap in tip-top shape. Reuse for an entire year with regular use and good care. At the end of its life, Bee's Wrap can be composted or used as a natural fire starter. Pack contains: 1 x Small Wrap (7" x 8") 1 x Medium Wrap (10" x 11") 1 x Large Wrap (13" x 14")

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