Honduras La Leqquianda Honey


Grind: Whole Bean
Sale price$19.00


CUP - Winey, Red Fruits, White Grape, Lemon-Citrics


ORIGIN(S) - Honduras



Description, Farm Info, & Traceability

Finca La Lesquinada is located in Belen, Ocotepeque, Honduras and run by Juan Jose Ventura Fuentes. The farm sits at an elevation of approximately 1,840 m.a.s.l and consists of a total of 2.1 Hectares in production, with a mix of IHCAFE 90 and Lempira varieties. Consistent with most farms we have seen in Central America, the plots are shaded with Guamo trees, which not only offer protection against direct sunlight, but also support soil quality and structure. In addition to coffee, Juan Jose is also dedicated to the production of livestock as well as other ad hoc small-scale businesses in the area. This is our first year working with Juan Jose, but he has been delivering coffee to CAFESCOR since 2017. As CAFESCOR specializes in the production of both Honey and Washed processed coffees, they split up Juan Jose’s lots and produced some with each process. One of the big advantages of working with CAFESCOR is they will receive the coffee in cherry and oversee the entire fermentation and drying process for the producer. From there, their QC lab will cup every single lot that comes off the beds and offer out to their clients and help find markets for their member-producers. 

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