Perdomo Maduro Connoisseur Collection


Sale price$126.25


This sampler, containing 12 Perdomo cigars, showcases with Nick Perdomo and company are capable of
doing with a robust Maduro wrapper leaf and blends of tobacco primarily grown on Perdomo estates in
Nicaragua. It makes a great sampler for anyone who enjoys a bold, robust cigar, with deep notes of
hickory, molasses, leather, and various other ‘earthy’ flavors.
This is a great purchase for the seasoned cigar smoker, people who like their meat deeply-smoked and
their coffee black. It makes a great gift for smokers who lament only having one cigar in a sampler in the
past, or who might desire to share their cigars with someone special, as the pack contains two of each
Included in this pack are:
- 2 Perdomo 10 th Anniversary Maduro Epicure
- 2 Perdomo 20 th Anniversary Maduro Epicure
- 2 Double Aged Vintage Maduro Epicure
- 2 Perdomo 30 th Anniversary Maduro Epicure
- 2 Perdomo Habano Maduro Epicure
- 2 Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro Toro

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