Perdomo Award-Winning Connoisseur Collection


Sale price$126.25


This sampler contains 12 cigars from the masterful mind and hands of Nick Perdomo and company. They
run the gamut from mild to robust in flavor, coming wrapped in every kind of leaf they grow at Perdomo
estates in Nicaragua, matured to Nick’s specifications.
This is a phenomenal option for a seasoned cigar smoker looking to taste the very best that Perdomo
has to offer. Thanks to there being two of each cigar in the pack, such a seasoned afficionado can even
enjoy it with a friend, a partner, or just enjoy each cigar twice on their own.
Included in this pack are:

- 2 Perdomo 10 th Anniversary Champagne Epicure
- 2 Perdomo 20 th Anniversary Maduro Epicure
- 2 Perdomo Double Aged Vintage Connecticut Epicure
- 2 Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage Sun Grown Imperio
- 2 Perdomo Habano Maduro Epicure
- 2 Perdomo Lot 23 Toro

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