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Our everything dish is made in the SKT studio out of durable, high-fire porcelain, screen-printed with an original SKT illustration and dipped in our signature blue-green celadon or icy white glaze. Approximately 4" wide, .75" tall. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Lead-free glaze.


Listed below are the designs that are potentially available. PLEASE NOTE that not all designs are available at any given time. On the day of your order, we will contact you to discuss which designs are available that day. If the one you choose is not available, we can select a different illustration for you or remove this item from your order.


Badger, Barn, Bat, Bear, Beaver, Bee, Big Sky Mountain, Bison, Box Turtle, Brooklyn Bridge, Buckeye, Cardinal, Caribou, Cheetah, Chick, Chickadee, Chipmunk, Cicada, Cicada (Red Eyes), Cod, Cow, Cow Head, Crab, Dahlia, Diamond Pattern, Dogwood, Double Penguin & Moon, Dragonfly, Duck, Elephant, Etched Elephant, Fawn, Flamingo, Findlay Market, Fox, Frog, Giraffe, Goat, Goose, Grasshopper, Hawk, Hedgehog, Hen, Hippo, Horse, House, Jackson Hole Tram, Jellyfish, Ladybug, Lighthouse (Montauk), Lion, Llama, Lobster, Loon, Luna Moth, Magnolia, Manatee, Moon, Moose, Mouse, Music Hall, Ostrich, Otter, Owl, Oyster, Panda, Peacock, Pear, Pelican, Penguin, Pig, Pig & Bird, Pigeon, Piranha, Polar Bear, Lighthouse (Portland Head), Puffin, Queen Anne's Lace, Rabbit, Raccoon, Ram, Rhino, Robin, Roebling Bridge, Rose Window, Salmon, Seahorse, Sea Turtle. Shark, Sheep, Snail, Squirrel, Standing Bear, Starfish, Swallowtail Butterfly, Swan, Tiger, Tiger (Orange), Traveler's Tree, Union Terminal, Whale, Wolf, Wombat, Zebra

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